Azuga Data Logger

Azuga Data Logger

DataLogger is an IoT gadget that securely collects and
transmits vehicle and sensor data to your platform via a
cellular or Bluetooth connection

When you choose Azuga GPS Tracker, you are choosing the leader in integrated vehicle technologies.

AZUGA GPS TRACKER Data Logger is an IoT gadget that securely collects and transmits vehicle and sensor data to your platform via a cellular or Bluetooth connection.


Managing fleet and field operations takes a leap forward with Azuga Fleet.
● Real-time Vehicle Location/Status
● Fleet Performance Dashboard
● Vehicle History Trails
● Trip Tagging and Kilometers per State Operations
● Geofences/Landmarks with Alerts

Driver Behavior & Safety

Building a safety culture becomes much easier with Azuga
Fleet score and rewards.
● Driver Scores (portal, mobile app)
● Driver Rewards (portal, mobile app)
● Harsh Braking/Hard-core Braking
● Speeding and Sudden Acceleration
● Hard Cornering
● Excessive Idling

Fleet Health

Azuga Fleet takes the headaches out of fleet maintenance
and management.
● Engine Diagnostic Reports (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)
● Vehicle Service Entries*
● Maintenance History*
● Preventive Maintenance Scheduling with Alerts*

Powerful Reporting

The insights you need for effective fleet management are at your fingertips.
● Speeding
● Activity Summary and Trip Logs
● Stop Reports and Idling
● Breadcrumb and Who Was Where
● Geofence Entry/Exit and Landmarks
● Driver Scores and Rewards
● 19 pre-built reports plus custom reports
● Automated report delivery