Long-Range WiFi Network

Many people want reliable internet connection throughout their homes, as well as in other buildings on their property. In most cases, the larger the property and more buildings there are, the more challenging and expensive this is. Couple that with rural properties far from established Internet infrastructure, and problems arise. However, there are solutions.

Long-range WiFi networks are low-cost setups that can help customers achieve good transmission between the devices. 

Long-Range Outdoor Networks

 Take your existing internet connection and relay it outside to improve your outdoor WiFi connection.  If you are looking for long range network connectivity we have the solution for you. We provide long range network solutions up to 5 km to 25 km range. These solutions are proven in many areas and customers are interested to get this solutions to solve their communication issues. 



We provide industry standard equipment for better coverage and connectivity

Outdoor WiFi Antennas

There are only two types of external antennas omni directional and directional.

Omni-directional antennas send and receive signal from a 360-degree angle; they have a circular beamwidth, allowing them to send and receive signal from every direction. Their range is shorter than a directional antenna, but the coverage area is larger. They are ideal for long-range outdoor networks.

Directional antennas focus all of their power in one direction. Therefore, they can send and receive signal from a farther distance than an omni-directional antenna. However, their coverage area is a lot smaller. Rather than having a circular beamwidth, they have a triangle-shaped beamwidth. They will work best for point to point use cases. The most common directional antennas are parabolic grids, panels, and yagi antennas.



Enterprise Wireless Solutions


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